February 11

Vermont Senate Passes Criminal Justice Reforms

The Vermont Senate has passed three notable criminal justice reforms: S.184 relating to eyewitness identification, S.297 relating to videotaping interrogations in sexual assault and homicide cases, and S.285 relating to the furlough of prisoners 65 or older.

The bills may be accessed at the Vermont Legislative Research page.

February 5

Help for Veterans in Vermont

The Veterans Justice Outreach Initiative offers help for veterans who are in need of mental health treatment and are involved with the criminal justice system. The VA has information to help veterans get timely access to VHA services as clinically indicated. Veterans Justice Outreach Specialists are responsible for direct outreach, assessment, and case management for justice-involved Veterans in local courts and jails, and liaison with local justice system partners. The general rule of thumb for eligibility requirements for VA healthcare services is that they have to have a separation from the military that is general under honorable conditions or above and that they were active duty for two years or more. The Veterans Justice Outreach Specialists can facilitate enrollment in the WRJ VAMC if they are not currently enrolled and the specialist can facilitate referral to mental health and substance abuse services in the VA both in Vermont and throughout the country.

Health Care for Homeless Veterans
VAMC White River Junction
Department of Veterans Affairs
215 North Main Street
White River Jct, VT 05009

VJO White Paper

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